PX16712P Decorative Lighting Driver

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The PX16712P is a single-line, cascaded transmission 12-channel LED driver, which adopts single-polarity RZ communication protocol.

The chip integrates power clamp module, sequential controlling, signal decoding module, data register, oscillator and output current driver, etc.

The PX16712P has no need to connect external resistor, the output current of 12-channel R/G/B port is 17mA( default).  Fewer peripheral components, simple and reliable.


  •   Built-in power clamp module, Input voltage: 5~24V
  •   Output current: 17mA( default), high accuracy constant output current through 12-channel
  •   R1~4、G1~4、B1~4 power on status: white LED
  •   R1~4、G1~4、B1~4 withstand voltage:26V
  •   R1~4、G1~4、B1~4 output gray scale: 256 levels
  •   Data displays on the same frame: synchronous refresh
  •   Single-polarity RZ data protocol
  •   Signal transmission speed: 800kbps
  •   Signal transmission way: single-line cascaded
  •   Package: SOP16



  •   Interior LED decorative lighting
  •   Architectural exterior/scene lighting
  •   LED wall-washer, LED hurdle lamp
  •   Roller screen


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