PXS80001 Decorative Lighting Driver

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The PX-S80001 is a single-line transmission tri-channel LED driver, which uses single-polarity RZ communication protocol.

The chip integrates LDO circuit, signal decoding module, data register, constant current circuit and RC oscillator, and the output drive adopts the patented SPWM technology.


  •   Synchronous refresh
  •   High-voltage CMOS technology
  •   Input voltage: 5~24V@LDO circuit
  •   OUT withstand voltage: 26V
  •   Gray scale adjustment circuit (256 levels)
  •   LED powered off by default
  •   Output 12mA constant current (default)
  •   Single-line cascade transmission port (DIN, DOUT)
  •   Built-in high-precision and high-stability oscillator
  •   Data Reshape: Automatic data reshape output after receiving the unit data
  •   Data transmission speed: 800Kbps
  •   Package: SOP8
  •   RoHS Compliant

  •   Interior LED decorative lighting
  •   Architectural LED exterior/scene lighting
  •   Wash-wall lamp, curtain screen
  •   Luminous LED character
  •   Guardrail tube
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