PX74HC245 Tri-state Output and Octal Signal Transceiver

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The PX74HC245 is a high-speed CMOS device, and the pins are compatible with low power scotty barrier TTL (LSTTL) series.

The PX74HC245 is an octal transceiver featuring non-inverting 3-state bus compatible outputs in both sending and receiving directions. There are two control terminals (DIR, ), in which the DIR is data flow direction control terminal and the is output state control terminal. When DIR is high level, the data flow is A to B, else B to A, and if is high level, the output is a high resistance state, else normal transmission for data.

PX74HC245 is mainly applied in large screen display and driver of other consumer electronics.



  •   CMOS technology
  •   Bidirectional three-state output
  •   Octal bidirectional transceiver
  •   ESD HBM: >4KV
  •   Package: SOP20, SOP20-2, TSSOP20,
  •   DIP20



  •   LED full-color display screen and driver for other digital circuit
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