PX15122S Single Channel LED Constant Current Driver

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The PX15122S is a single channel LED constant current driver which adopts constant current control technology. Built-in output current 19.5mA (default), also adjustable through the external resistor Rext (19.5mA~150mA), and the output current is not varied with the variation of the OUT voltage and environment temperature. The cost is low due to simple structure and fewer peripheral components.

The PX15122S can implement dimming via PWM signals through DIM port.


  •   Built- in LDO module, input voltage:5~24V
  •   Patented constant current technology
    •        REXT: NC, output current is 19.5mA (default)
    •        Adjustable output current through external resistor
    •         Maximum output current: 150mA
    •        Output current deviation between chips to chips: < ±8%
    •        Low voltage constant current is on
  •   OUT withstand voltage: 30V
  •   DIM dimming
  •   Dimming gray scale: 65536 levels
  •   Simple circuit and low cost
  •   Package: SOT23-5




  •   Advertisement display case
  •   Wearable Jewelry
  •   Decorative lighting
  •   Backlighting
  •   LED flexi-strip


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